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pay per click buffalo ny

There are many PPC providers out there, Google Ads and Bing Ads are just two. Google Ads is generally the best beginning point. You can sell anything you need to on Google Ads if you have money to spend since the user base is so enormous.

Google Search engine market share is at 67% and Bing is at 18.7%, you can reach out to the most customers using Google Ads and increase your potential this way. Using PPC Ads the results can be achieved within hours. Another great reason to use ads is because you can target your ads specifically to users in certain locations based on their Geo IP Address. Google's target marketing is among the best in the world.

We will help you research and use the right keywords based on your products, services and location of your business service area. We help plan your PPC ad budget based on our experience. We recommend using PPC in the beginning stages of your website launch and then further using SEO for more stable long term results. This is a great formula for success in getting your website in the hands of potential customers.

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Why PPC Ads?

ppc ads company buffalo

Pay-per-click advertising has some advantages over SEO, with PPC campaigns you can:

  • Show potential customers your website within hours, not the weeks or months it may take sometimes for steady SEO Results.
  • Track results to the exact dollar amount and get very detailed analytics into the financial results of your advertising.
  • Receive a greater overall amount of customers to your website by running pay-per-click in conjunction with your other online marketing efforts.
  • In almost all cases, get a large return on your investment spend and keep on selling to these customers in the future.

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