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Repairing your Mac is a lot different than repairing a PC. Don't let your regular computer repairman tinker with your sleek machine. We have the experience and the education to solve most of your Mac problems in Buffalo and WNY. You probably won't see an issue with a Mac virus, but they can lay on your system waiting to attach itself to a PC on your network. You do want to watch out for Mac Spyware that can be troublesome to your Macbook or iMac.

We can get rid of Mac viruses and PC viruses to make sure you aren't going to ruin your friends computer. There’s a myth that no malware can compromise your Mac, but Mac-specific viruses have proven otherwise.

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apple mac repair buffalo ny

Same Day Apple Hardware Repair :

  • Replace hard drives 
  • Upgrade to more RAM 
  • Replace MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Batteries
  • Clean up dust and dirt on the inside causing too much heat internally
Same Day Mac OS X Repair:

  • Recover Lost Data (Mac Data Recovery)
  • Back up data
  • Data transfer to another Mac or PC
  • Optimize OS X
  • Increase performance 
  • Disk cleanup (free up your hard drive of useless files)
  • Repair disk permissions 
  • Defrag non SSD drives 
  • Slimming of Apps (increases performance and saves disk space)

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