Computer Repair in Buffalo NY

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We are like no other computer repair company in Buffalo, NY because we optimize your computer's performance with more than 100 enhancements. We'll personalize it to your needs and remove all unnecessary clutter. Also includes installation of security and privacy software to ward off viruses and spyware.

All PC's during the course of time will slow to a crawl. Our skilled staff will troubleshoot any of your computer problems. Viruses, hardware and software issues are just a headache we resolve.

Key notes about our computer repair company what we can do:

  • Our Computer Repair Buffalo, NY team diagnoses and replaces if necessary your desktop or laptop hard drive.
  • Upgrading your computer systems memory is the sure-fire way to speed things up and make your daily tasks a lot easier.
  • Can't get into your computer? If the only thing you see is a blue screen on startup, we'll get your computer functioning again . . and fast!
  • When your computer does not even power on and no lights show up on the computer at all, it is most likely time to repair your power supply unit.
  • We can recover bad hard drives. Most hard drives if not physically damaged, can easily be recovered. See Data Recovery

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Buffalo Computer Repair Service Including PC's and Mac

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We Test and Repair Your System For Optimum Results:

Don't waste precious dollars to purchase a new computer when we can fix or upgrade your current system. This way you have more capital to invest on other things.

Let us be your only source for computer repair in Buffalo.

See our Mac Repair Solutions

AldoMedia's Computer Technicians Offer Most Computer Services to Buffalo NY and the surrounding areas of WNY

Here are some common Windows PC computer problems that you may experience:

  • Slow start-up times when you turn on your computer

  • Windows performs illegal operations and you see a "blue screen".

  • Programs and Applications just don't seem to run quickly like the first day you purchased your computer.

  • Applications and the internet close unexpectedly without warning.

  • Your Mouse freezes up or seems to hang.

  • It takes much time for your text being typed to display on-screen.

  • Virus and Spyware and Pop-Ups. View Our Virus Repair Services in Buffalo, NY

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