Computer Purchase Consulting In Buffalo, NY

computer purchasing consulting buffalo ny

At AldoMedia, we will consult you on your next computer purchase. Our years of experience allows us to identify your needs and select the right computer for you. We take into consideration your daily computer requirements for your career, your education or how you like to play games. Understanding what you do everyday on your computer allows us to choose the right speed, size and price for you.

There are usually 3 Types of Computer Users:

  • Student: The average student needs a lightweight computer that they can take to class with them, that can effortlessly open and work with word processing programs like Word, Excel and Powerpoint. We choose the best computer that will last all 4 years of the student taking classes at their college or university.

  • Business: Whether you are a CEO or an employee of a company or even running your own company. We need to make sure you have the right tools to complete your every day tasks.

  • Gaming: The gamer need a powerful CPU and Video Card whether at home or on the go. You will require a good amount of RAM and this route as you know gets pricey. But we are here to help!

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Pick The Perfect Desktop, Laptop or Tablet For Your Needs

helping you pick the perfect laptop desktop or tablet

Sometimes your decision is whether or not you need a Desktop that stays on your desk, a laptop that can be taken with you on the go, or a tablet that you can sit and read with on your lap. At AldoMedia, we will consult your purchase based on the feedback you give us. There are many advantages and disadvantages when going with one device over another but we take the headache out of your decision.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktop vs Laptop vs Tablet


Advantage: Simply put: Power. Your desktop is the best solution for power users like gamers that need intensive graphics and processing power and also for video editor and graphic designers that push computing to its limits. You can use a large screen as big as you want.

Disadvantage: Portability. The desktop is a large box that will sit on your desk and is not portable.


Advantage: The advantage of a laptop is its portability for students and traveling business people. You can get a lot done with a decent amount of power on the go.

Disadvantage: Screen size is limited to 17" and below. Your processor and video cards are usually mobile versions and can overheat under heavy use.


Advantage: Lighter than the lightest of all laptops, very portable and thin. Basically a large version of your smart phone and easy to use and navigate by touch. Perfect for browsing the web, email and light computing.

Disadvantage: No keyboard unless you purchase a bluetooth or industry specific one. Not very powerful for major computing. Limited hard drive space built in. Screen can crack.

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