Content Management System Buffalo NY

content management system buffalo ny

A content management system - or CMS - allows a website to be updated quickly, easily, and at no cost. Updating the written content or switching out images on a web site should be as simple as writing an e-mail. We have developed an integrated platform that works with your website so you can simply and easily create and change your web pages.

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Simplest Website Content Editor Around

CMS Very simple to use for content management of your website

Our CMS is very functional and flexible:

  • Gives You Creative Freedom - From search-optimized attorney websites to responsive websites, ACMS can power almost any layout or design. This gives our web designers the freedom to focus on the visitors' experience without worrying about programming constraints.
  • Custom Features and Functions - We design the content of every feature to be managed within ACMS (except the blog - we use WordPress because it's the best!).
  • Platform Independence - You may have a website, a mobile site or a responsive website. It doesn't matter where your content is. One ACMS can drive edit them all. Even if your content is information used only within your company, ACMS can help manage it.

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