education website design

Education Website Design

We specialize in educational website design for small schools throughout the country. AldoMedia, LLC understands that your website is a portal for students, staff and parents to find everything they need. The education website design will include pages for students to find out major events, exam dates, schedules etc. Teachers may need to know about certain staff development days for example. Parents will want to know the school history and accomplishments or important school dates.

AldoMedia, LLC. has the tools to allow you to update the website yourself, so that you can easily change your information and or important broadcasts. Feel free to call us for any questions and pricing information. Our team of education website designers are waiting to get the ball rolling on your education website design.

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Specifically Tuned Search Engine Optimization For High Schools, Colleges and Universities

Search Engine Optimization for schools are important if you care about enrollment. Most private schools and colleges are interested in this, as opposed to public schools. AldoMedia, LLC. will design and program your website so that it can be found on Google, Yahoo! and Bing search engines.

For example parents new to an area may search for "private schools in Tacoma, Washington". A graduating high school student may be researching universities or colleges to go to in Texas. A search would most likely be "Colleges in Texas". We have the know how to get your institution listed with the best. Call one of our education SEO specialists to get started today.

Our Education Website Designers Will Provide:

Responsive Website Design & Development For Computers, Tablets and Cell Phones

SEO Google / Bing Rankings (Private School in "city" + "state")

Event Calendars / School News

Staff List and Bios / Contact Form

Sites Designed In These West Coast Cities

  • San Jose
  • Los Angeles
  • Phoenix
  • San Diego
  • San Antonio
  • Seattle
  • San Francisco
  • Denver
  • Portland
  • Las Vegas
  • Albuquerque

Sites Designed In These East Coast Cities

  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Buffalo
  • Houston
  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Dallas
  • Boston
  • Miami
  • Jacksonville

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