Dangers of WIFI, DECT 6.0 Technology and EMF

Have you ever felt tired all the time? Migraines? Heart Palpitations? Cancer? Do you have trouble sleeping? If so. . . You might be too exposed over long periods of time to EMF.

wifi emf health riskEMF Sensitivity is an illness caused by the radiation emitted from cell phones, microwave or cell phone towers, radar, satellite, infrared, Wifi, GPS, RFID tags, computers, power lines, and other electrical equipment.

We have become so accustomed to our modern technologies that we don't even think about the risks involved of these devices we use everyday. Did you know that using an iPad with wifi turned on or 3G, that you are basically holding a radiating device next to your body? Same goes for wireless mice and wireless and bluetooth headsets.

How You Can Protect Yourself From The Dangers of EMF Are As Follows:

  • When using your Cell Phone hold it away from you and on speaker phone without a bluetooth headset.
  • Use a corded mouse and corded keyboards on your computers
  • Plugin in your bluetooth gaming joysticks and pads instead of using bluetooth.
  • Use Wired Internet in your house or office, Did you know that you can make the electrical system of your house wired internet using the electrical wires? This way you can use the internet anywhere there is an electrical outlet. Guess what? its faster then WIFI anyways! You can purchase these simple set up devices here.

zapped bookUtility companies are now installing Smart Meters so that they don't have to walk around and read your meters in and around your house anymore. All they have to do is pick up the signal from their trucks by driving through your neighborhood. How do you think they get these signals? Your meter is now transmitting the signal all day everyday at cell phone level frequencies and harming our bodies.

Some Physicians Say DECT 6.0 Cordless Telephones are Dangerous

dect 6.0 emf radiation healthIt is like having a cell phone tower in your house! They emit very high radiation at all times, even when not in use causing sleep disturbances and other health problems. The newer DECT 6.0 phones that do not emit radiation when idle, are only available in England. You cannot buy a phone these days at the store that are not Dect 6.0 technology. We should be using corded phones but if you really need a cordless phone go back to the old 900mhz phones of the past they work just as well and save your body from receiving constant radiation. Purchase 900mhz phones to replace your harmful phone here.


How To Protect Yourself From EMF of Cell Phones, Dect Phones, WIFI and other Electromagnetic Devices:

earthing emf dect wifi

AldoMedia recommends the use of these products for safe computer and internet browsing while working to eliminate EMF levels (microwave radiation). Based on https://mdsafetech.org

Buy this for internet instead of wireless WIFI is terrible on devices giving you similar levels as cell phone tower. Powerline adapters are safe and actually faster then WIFI.

Headphones that are safe for music and cell phone Every time you listen to music or even use headsets for cell phones it goes right to your ear, these block the radiation 98%

Corded Mouse Wireless mice emit the same microwave radiation as a cell phone connecting it to computer via 2.4 ghz. 

Corded Keyboard Great for Mac and PC. It also uses wireless microwave radiation to communicate. Shouldn't be putting your body over laptops either high EMF just inches away.

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