Why Realtors Need To Design Their Own Websites

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As a real estate agent, having your own website can be a critical tool for building your brand, establishing credibility, and generating leads. Here are some reasons why developing your own website is preferable to using a cookie-cutter one provided by your broker:

  1. Establishes Your Unique Brand: Developing your own website allows you to differentiate yourself from other agents who may be using similar, generic websites provided by your broker. Your website can reflect your unique personality and approach to the real estate business, which can help attract clients who resonate with your style.

  2. Provides Greater Flexibility: When you have your own website, you have greater control over the design, content, and functionality. You can create custom pages, add features that are specific to your target audience, and optimize the site for search engines. This level of customization can be challenging to achieve with a cookie-cutter website.

  3. Enhances Credibility: Having your own website can help establish you as a credible and trustworthy professional in the eyes of potential clients. It shows that you are serious about your business and have invested in establishing an online presence that can help you stand out from the competition.

  4. Generates More Leads: A website can serve as a powerful lead generation tool, allowing you to capture contact information from visitors who are interested in learning more about your services. By providing valuable content, showcasing your expertise, and offering easy ways to get in touch, you can attract more leads and convert them into clients.

Get a Realtor Website!

In addition to the benefits of having your own website, it's important to note that using a free subdomain provided by your broker can have limitations that can hurt your business in the long run.

#1, using a free subdomain can make it difficult for potential clients to find you online. Search engines like Google prioritize websites with custom domain names over those with subdomains, which can affect your visibility and search engine rankings. This can make it harder for potential clients to find you when they search for real estate agents in your area.

#2, using a free subdomain can make it harder for you to establish your brand and credibility. When you use a subdomain provided by your broker, you are essentially promoting their brand over your own. This can make it harder for you to establish your own identity and reputation as a real estate professional.

#3, using a free subdomain can limit your control over your website. Your broker may have restrictions on the design, content, and functionality of the website, which can limit your ability to customize it to meet your unique needs and goals.


While using a free subdomain provided by your broker may seem like a convenient option, it can actually limit your online visibility, branding, and control over your website. Investing in your own website with a custom domain name can help you establish your own brand, enhance your credibility, and generate more leads for your real estate business. While using a cookie-cutter website from the broker you work for, may seem like an easy option, investing in your own website can pay off in the long run. Your own creative site will help you stand out from the competition and build a successful real estate business.

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