Signs Your iPhone or Android Phone is Hacked With A Virus or Malware

signs your phone is hacked
Did you know that the phone in your pocket is a million more times more powerful than the computers used during the 1st moon landing?

When we use our phones we forget that they aren't just a device to make phone calls with. They are now and have been for awhile now, a mini computer. Your iPhone or Android phone has an operating system that enables you to check your email, send messages, play games and browse your favorite websites. Phones that are connected to the web are vulnerable to external dangers. These dangers are in the form of viruses or malware that take control of your phone. They can also be in the form of phishing techniques. Phishing for example, is when a website pretends to be your local bank or credit card organization. These false websites use your login information to steal your password.

Cell phones are fun and convenient to use, but if you don't use them properly and with common sense, you are easily frustrated when problems arise.

The Common Symptoms a Hacked Phone:

  • Unknown charges on your phone bill - malicious malware or a virus could make unbeknown premium text messages or long distance phone calls.

  • Many advertisements showing up on your phone recently - Malware can put in place code spying on your activity and pushing specific ads to your phone.

  • Contacts receiving strange messages - Spam texts can be sent by hidden programs on your device, which can result in your contacts' devices becoming infected too.

  • Sluggish or Slow Phone - Just like your laptop or desktop, when a virus or infection occurs your performance suffers.

  • More than usual data consumption - Malicious code needs to send & receive data from the hackers via the internet.

  • Noticeable decrease in battery Life - When using buggy apps with poor code your battery juice will get used up. This is usually the case with background apps you aren't aware that are installed by a hacked phone.
fix your phone virus or malware
Mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide.

Immediate Steps To Take If You Suspect a Phone Virus or Malware Infection

  1. Quickly put your phone on airplane mode. ✈ This will immediately stop any malicious apps or code from sending and receiving via the internet.

  2. Check your most recently installed apps. If any of these apps have low reviews on Google Play or Apple's App store, delete them.

  3. Android users (most vulnerable to hacking and malware) download, install and scan your phone with eset mobile security.

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