10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

10 ways to improve your linkedin profile
The Statistics:
LinkedIn as of the beginning of 2019 had over 500 millions members. Since their inception in 2002, they have grown steadily each year.

With its 500 millions members, LinkedIn is no question one of the most popular social media platforms and it's strictly business. 260 million of the 500 million are logged on each month. This number comes from research by web usage company Apptopia and has not been confirmed by LinkedIn. Of those using LinkedIn monthly, about 40% on average are using it daily. That being said, that’s over 100 million professionals you could be engaging with every day.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner has said he wants "LinkedIn to be the home of all working professionals across the world, and be the central hub for every job posting across the estimated 70 million companies worldwide." Currently, that number figures to be about 3 billion members. They’re not quite finished in their hustle.

10 Easy Implementations To Your LinkedIn Profile:

1. Claim Your Custom URL

Make sure you claim the URL LinkedIn allows you to take. Make it easy for people to find you with your own link. Having your name in your URL will also help your SEO, when or if someone searches your full name on Google, Yahoo! or Bing's search engine. A neat and clean URL will also make your profile look more professional. For example our president at AldoMedia, LLC. is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aldogiammusso

2. Use a Professional Headshot

See what others in your industry are doing. Match them. Your photo can convey energy, charisma, creativity and professionalism. You do not get a second chance to make a first impression.

3. Write a Great Headline

Use the headline to present your specialty and your value proposition. The more detailed you can be about what sets you apart from the competition, the better.

4. Add To Your Summary Space

Write 3-5 paragraphs and make sure to use bullet points somewhere in the middle. It should describe the work you do, lists your skills, how you are qualified and a list of the different industries you’ve had contact with during your career.

5. Think Of Your Profile Like It's Your Resume

Be sure your experience section has bullet points that describe what you have done in your career, how well you performed these accomplishments, and who it impacted.

6. Brag About Your Achievements

Recruiters spend a lot of their time scouting LinkedIn searching for recruits with high performance. When they find them, they contact the big achievers.

7. Request LinkedIn Recommendations

Make it your goal to get 1 or 2 recommendations a month. The more you interact with others the more you stand out compared to your competition.

8. Write Status Updates

Update your status professionally and strategically. Post your articles or your blog posts but do not post what you ate for dinner tonight or pictures of you enjoying yourself with your friends.

9. Get 50 Connections At A Minimum

Having 50 or fewer connections on LinkedIn tells recruiters one of three things: 1) You are a hermit who doesn't socialize or work with other people, 2) You’re overly suspicious about networking with others, or 3) Technology and social media are intimidating to you. Not one of these scenarios puts you in the right light.

10. Make Sure You're Attainable and Visible

You would be surprised how many LinkedIn members do not make it easy for someone to contact them. Use your website or blog URL, your e-mail address and office address to show you prospective contacts you are available and ready to communicate with them.

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