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Why Are Both iPhones Ringing Simultaneously or At The Same Time?

iphones ring at the same timeSo you have upgraded to iOS 8 and for some reason both of your iPhones are ringing at the same time when someone calls you. Very odd you might think, how is this possible?

Someone we know had two iPhones each with different carriers, one being with Sprint and the other with Verizon. One was a company phone and the other was a personal phone. How in the world can that happen?

The answer is: When you upgrade one or both to iOS 8 a glitch occurs which makes both phones act as one. Here is the fix for now until Apple patches the operating system:

How to Fix Your Two iPhones From Ringing At The Same Time:

  • - Go to the iPhone that is picking up an unwanted call and select settings
  • - Select Facetime
  • - Under Facetime settings, uncheck e-mails associated with your other phone and or phone number, You can also disable Facetime as well if you don't use it.
  • - Call yourself and test to see if your phones are still synced.


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